Brush Up On Your Skills At GolfZone

The 2022 golf season is quickly approaching, and for most of us, we haven’t even touched a club – let alone swung one – since the end of last season. Going to the driving range to get a feel for the club again is undoubtedly beneficial, but it can be tricky to simulate the types of shots you will encounter on the course when you are at the range.

This is where GolfZone comes into play! With our Golfzon technology, you can practice your game in a controlled environment while still playing a round of golf. After all, what good is practice without structure and feedback? GolfZone provides you with both!


At GolfZone, you never have to worry about the weather, wind, or other environmental factors. Everything around you is consistent and controlled, and you never have to worry about getting rained out! Playing a round at GolfZone, or trying your hand at our arcade games are great ways to keep your game and skills sharp during the offseason or even on a blustery day.


When you get back out on the golf course for the first time, it can take some time to not only find your swing again but also get your distances to where they were before. Sometimes you think you can hit a club a certain distance until you step up to the ball and take a swing. 

With GolfZone, you get instant feedback on each shot you take, so you know precisely how far you just hit the club in your hand, the speed of the ball, the angle of your clubface at impact, and more! The Golfzon app also allows you to review your swing so you can look back and see just what you need to adjust.

Have More Fun

Let’s face it, going to the driving range isn’t all that exciting, but GolfZone makes practice more fun! Not only do you have the opportunity to play on some well-known courses around that world, but it also allows you to play games that test your skills in other ways.

Our arcade feature includes golf darts and colour blocks, allowing you to work on the accuracy of your shot without it feeling like work.

Practice Is Practice

It is important to remember that a golf simulator will unfortunately never be able to replace the feel of playing a game out on a real course, and it is best when used as a complementary tool to your golf game. However, being able to keep swinging a club during the winter months and leading up to the season come springtime will always be beneficial to your game!

Red Deer’s GolfZone is your Indoor Golf destination with weekday multi-passes, groups, parties, and league play.  

BOOK your Indoor Golf session by calling 587.273.1048 or using this contact form


The minimum booking is one hour. However, if your booked time is over and there is no one booked in the bay after you, you can extend your time by increments of 30 minutes or more.

The simulator bay rates are based on time (per Hour) and not # of people.

Our regular Bays comfortably accommodate 4 people to a maximum of 6

Our VIP Suite comfortably accommodates 6 people to a maximum of 8.

Our simulators allow for as many as six individual active golfers

  • On Average 18-holes will take approximately an hour to complete per person.
  • For a foursome, we recommend you book 4 hours for 18 holes, 2 hours for 9 holes, etc.
  • *You will be asked to end play at 5 minutes prior to the end of your booked time so that our Staff can properly clean/sanitize the Bay and allow the next booked group to start on time. *
  • On startup it will take a few minutes for our Staff to complete Simulator usage instruction

We understand that life happens and if you require to cancel or modify your booking, please do so by calling us at (587)273-1048, during business hours, a minimum of 24 hours before the reservation.


Group Tournaments

We’re now able to offer group tournament fund raising events! If you And a group of your friends or coworkers are interested in having your own tournament fundraiser contact us now!