Tips For Buying Golf Clubs 

Golf is a complex sport, and ensuring you have all the right equipment for your game is just as complex. Getting set up with a set of golf clubs can be an overwhelming task with the various brands, lofts, shaft flexes, and styles.  

If you’re new to the sport, you may not want to commit to purchasing a set, which is more than okay as you can often rent clubs at any course. Unfortunately, they are often older and outdated and can sometimes hinder your game, so if you have plans to continue with the sport, it’s recommended you purchase your own set. 

Perhaps you’ve been playing for years, and it is simply time to upgrade to a newer set. Whatever your circumstances, we’ve compiled a series of tips to help simplify an often-confusing process. 

Determine Your Budget 

A good set of golf clubs is an investment, and it’s important to recognize that right off the hop. Some clubs can cost between $200 -$400 each, if not more, depending on the club, so a complete set can easily set you back a couple thousand dollars. It’s essential to determine your budget before you begin your search.  

Establish What Type of Golfer You Are 

The clubs you have in your bag will depend on your playing style. If you are a beginner, you’ll likely want a more forgiving set of clubs that are easier to hit. If you are a seasoned player, perhaps you want to work on the golf ball flight with fades and draws. These types of things will help narrow down the types of clubs that are right for you. 
Do Your Research 

With so many different brands of clubs available, it’s hard to know which one will be best suited for your game. Do your research!  

We can all get blinded by the latest, greatest, and shiniest, but the more you know about a specific type of club, the less likely you are to purchase something that isn’t right for you. 

Ask The Experts 

It is not enough to know about the technologies in products. No two golfers are alike, so you’ll need to know whether a particular design fits your specific tendencies.  

One of the best ways to get started in the right direction is to ask the experts! Whether it is at your home course or your favourite golf supply store, it’s recommended you speak with the people who are constantly engulfed in the sport and know the ins and outs of the products available.  

They can test your swing to determine many factors, such as swing speed (this determines the shaft flex you’ll require), attack angle (whether you hit up or down on the ball), and swing plane (whether you have a draw or fade). All these factors are taken into consideration when choosing your clubs. 
Test Them Out 

It is important to get fitted for your clubs, but you also need to find out if that set actually feels good to you and gives you the results you want.  

Head to your local golf supply store and ask if you can test a few clubs. These places are generally equipped with simulators to let you hit a few balls, allowing you to see how a specific club feels. Trying different sets before making a purchase is a surefire way to find the perfect set of clubs for your game.  

It’s also wise to take advantage of demo days when you can! These are another great way to try out different clubs. 

Used vs. New 

When purchasing clubs, you have the option of looking for a used set or purchasing a new one.   

Generally, used clubs will be cheaper than a new set, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good deal. It’s essential to ensure the used clubs you are looking at are in good condition. Inspect the heads for dents or cracks and ensure the shafts aren’t bent or damaged. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller about the history of the clubs – if they’ve been well taken care of, they are likely a good purchase. If not, it might be best to steer clear. 

New clubs will obviously be in better condition and come with a warranty. You also have the option to order a new set directly from the manufacturer with your specifications. New clubs do come with a heftier price tag, however.  

Go With Your Gut 

You’ve done your research, read reviews, tested some different clubs, and got fitted, but there is one voice we haven’t considered so far… Yours! 

Your gut feeling is often correct, and this is especially true when it comes to choosing the right clubs. After all, nobody knows your swing and game better than you do, so it makes sense to go with the clubs that feel best to YOU. Of course, as previously mentioned, it’s still important to do your research before purchasing, but at the end of the day, it’s essential to trust your instincts and go with the clubs that feel like they were made just for you! 

Once you have your new or new-to-you set of clubs, bring them down to GolfZone to take them for a spin so you’re ready to go once courses re-open in the Spring! 

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