What Makes GolfZone’s Simulators Different?

There are various types of Golf Simulators on the market, but at GolfZone, we wanted to give our customers a one-of-a-kind experience that would provide them with the most realistic Indoor golf experience possible.

Golfzon is an official marketing partner and official golf simulator of the LPGA, offering the most technologically advanced simulators in the world. With access to nearly 200 golf courses around the globe, and new courses added regularly – each with high-definition 3D graphics, it is easy to see why Golfzon has been rated number one in the world by Golf Digest for the past 5 years!

With so many options to choose from, what sets Golfzon apart from the rest?


Moving Swing Plate

Each simulator is equipped with an eight-way hydraulic swing plate with 360 degrees of directional movement. That means our playing surface has the ability to lift and tilt to accommodate any lie. Whether your ball comes to rest uphill, downhill, or sidehill, the moving swing plate will adjust, mimicking the playing field and allowing you to take the exact stance you would on a real course.

Multi-Surface Hitting Mats

In addition to our playing surfaces adjusting to the terrain of your lie, they are also outfitted with a variety of hitting surfaces to simulate the actual plane you would encounter on a traditional course. Fairway, rough, and bunker textures are available to help you adjust your swing accordingly.


When you play at GolfZone, you’ll never have to bend down to tee up your ball; Golfzon’s auto-tee function does all the work for you! Just set up your tee height according to how high you prefer your tee, and you are set for your round. No bending required!

Ball Retrieval System

Not only does the Golfzon simulator automatically set up your next shot with the auto-tee, but it also incorporates a ball retrieval system, so you don’t have to chase after your ball once you’ve made your shot. A series of slants and gaps in the floor and underfloor tubes automatically corral your ball and get it ready for your next shot, meaning you never have to pick up your ball again!

T1 Camera Ceiling Mounted Camera

Our T1 Camera Ceiling Mounted Cameras can capture 2,000 frames per second and deliver hyper-accurate flight modeling, including ball speed, spin, carry, and trajectory. Our cameras also provide the lowest lag time on the market, giving you a real-life feel with every shot!


Golfzon’s best-in-class software will give you an Indoor golf experience like never before.

Our Golfzon Vision software has the ability to virtually transport you to over 190 golf courses around the world through its incredible high-definition, 3D graphics. Combined with the moving swing plate and multi-surface hitting mats, you will feel like you are truly standing on the green at the world-renowned Pebble Beach or teeing off on the oldest golf course in the world at St. Andrew’s.

More Than Just Golf

If you are looking to test and develop your accuracy in another way, our Golfzon Vision simulators offer an Arcade feature.

Challenge up to six friends in a classic game of darts, or shoot your shot at a wall of coloured blocks in the block game. Your mission is to destroy the blocks and unlock power-ups as you go.

If you’ve paid a visit to GolfZone already, you’ve probably noticed that Bay 5 is home to our Laser Shot system. Laser Shot allows you to experience realistic shooting games with simulated weapons including Bolt action rifles, Pump-action shotguns, and a Glock Type Pistol.

Whichever game you choose, it’s a great way to challenge and enhance your aim and precision!

Golfzon golf simulators truly set the benchmark for quality, performance, and realistic course representation.

Red Deer’s GolfZone is your Indoor Golf destination with weekday multi-passes, groups, parties, and league play.  

BOOK your Indoor Golf session by calling 587.273.1048 or using this contact form


The minimum booking is one hour. However, if your booked time is over and there is no one booked in the bay after you, you can extend your time by increments of 30 minutes or more.

The simulator bay rates are based on time (per Hour) and not # of people.

Our regular Bays comfortably accommodate 4 people to a maximum of 6

Our VIP Suite comfortably accommodates 6 people to a maximum of 8.

Our simulators allow for as many as six individual active golfers

  • On Average 18-holes will take approximately an hour to complete per person.
  • For a foursome, we recommend you book 4 hours for 18 holes, 2 hours for 9 holes, etc.
  • *You will be asked to end play at 5 minutes prior to the end of your booked time so that our Staff can properly clean/sanitize the Bay and allow the next booked group to start on time. *
  • On startup it will take a few minutes for our Staff to complete Simulator usage instruction

We understand that life happens and if you require to cancel or modify your booking, please do so by calling us at (587)273-1048, during business hours, a minimum of 24 hours before the reservation.


Group Tournaments

We’re now able to offer group tournament fund raising events! If you And a group of your friends or coworkers are interested in having your own tournament fundraiser contact us now!