Fun Golf & Laser Shot

More than just golf!


Play a variety of different, fun and challenging games 

Our simulators feature the latest in detection technology for an accurate, realistic experience.

Spend some time in our state of the art simulators, setting high scores and playing with your friends to see who is the better marksman in any of our Laser Shot games.   


Test Your Accuracy 

Games to challenge your accuracy and your speed, helping you develop exceptional hand and eye coordination.  

Feel immersed with the use of our amazingly realistic simulated weapons including a Bolt action rifle, Pump Action Shotgun, and a Glock Type Pistol.


Play more than golf on our simulators

Whatever game you choose, it’s a great way to sharpen your golf skills. 

With a variety of minigames and different play options you will find a game type for playing seriously with your friends, a more casual experience with your family, or some solo practice options for perfecting your drive.

Golfzon Golf Simulators are the best you can play.

Fantastic realism, accuracy and ease-of-use create an indoor golf experience with no comparison.