Immersive Gameplay

Amazingly realistic virtual gameplay with ball flight accuracy, distance and “real course” variables. High-speed cameras capture the action in jaw-dropping detail so you can play, enjoy and improve your game with every swing. Amateurs and professionals alike rate Golfzon simulators as number one in the world. Prepare to be astonished.  

Advanced technology, Advanced Accuracy

Imagine playing a virtual golf game that’s so realistic, you could almost “lose” yourself in the experience. Golfzon simulators set the benchmark for virtual gaming with colour, accuracy and immense detail PLUS a complete swing analysis including trajectory, carry, ball speed and spin.

Editors' choice, in partnership with

Golfzon is an official marketing partner and official golf simulator of the LPGA. Golfzon simulators have been rated number one in the world by Golf Digest for the past five years. In addition, professional tour golfers agree that Golfzon Vision simulators deliver the most realistic virtual golf experience available on the market today!

What makes our simulators different?

Our Golfzon Simulators provide you with access to nearly 200 golf courses worldwide and each with high-definition 3D graphics. New courses are updated regularly, so you really can “play the world.” A few of the courses include Pebble Beach Links, Cog Hill, Angus Glen GC, Celtic Manor, Harbour Town GL, the Hong Kong GC and many others.  

Golfzon golf simulators set the benchmark for quality, performance and realistic course representation. Just a few of the outstanding Golfzon features include no time delay with real-time ball flight, no bending over with automatic ball teeing, tilting swing plates so you can experience natural course slopes and high-speed cameras that capture your swing and ball movement providing detailed swing analysis including ball speed, spin, carry and trajectory feedback.  

Golfzon Golf Simulators are the best you can play.

Fantastic realism, accuracy and ease-of-use create an indoor golf experience with no comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

People can and are encouraged to bring their own clubs. We encourage our customers to consider transferring their clubs from their tournaments bags to a lighter bag for easier transport up our stairs. We do however have several sets of rental clubs on hand if needed. Note that since people can share clubs, it's not necessary that everyone have their own dedicated set of clubs.  We have both left and right-handed sets available for rental.

We supply all the balls, which are automatically teed up for you. No chasing balls means more time for golf! As for golf shoes, many of our customers bring their golf shoes, however any pair of comfortable shoe will be fine.
Absolutely! The free Golfzon APP can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store, then create a profile and let the app do the rest! The APP will record your rounds of golf, along with your stats, including, average driving distance, fairway and green percentages and average putts per round – the Golfzon app does it all! And after you’ve logged a few games, it will calculate your handicap for use in our leagues and tournaments. We recommend you get the App - It adds a whole new dimension to your Golfzone experience!
"The putting on Golfzon simulators is excellent - by the far the best of any simulated golf experience in the world. It will capture the most delicate putt down a slope and let you play breaks and lags perfectly. The software allows you to set up the gimmie range from 0 to over 16'. We typically set it at around 6' to help keep play moving. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love draining those long ones!
State-of-the-art high-speed cameras and sensors are above the simulator, not on the screen, so you’re free to get creative with your short game. Short chips and high flop shots are no problem. Golfzon Simulators make it easy to play whatever shot you want.
Golfzon simualtors are very accurate, and distances are very similar to what you would hit outdoors. If you hit a 7 iron 150 yards outdoors, you will hit it the same distance on our simulators. Note that bounce & roll distances are always very consistent on the simulators, while outdoors balls will run out very differently depending on the conditions.

We have nearly 200 different courses from around the world to choose from including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Turberry, Spyglass & Harbour Town. We also have many excellent courses from Korea, Japan & China that are very challenging and fun to play. Click here to check out all our courses, including hole by hole flyovers at the Golfzon web site.

Yes it does!. The Golfzon hydraulic swingplate actually lifts and tilts to replicate sidehill and downhill lies, providing that extra challenge and a more realistic playing experience. Plus, there are fairway, rough & sand areas to hit from. Don't try to cheat though! The system knows where the ball is & will assess you a distance penalty if you inadvertantly play your shot from the wrong area.